Design System and pattern library for Google Websites

Google Web Standard was created to make it easier for Product Marketing Managers, Designers, Developers, and Partners to build and maintain sites for Google. It’s a foundational framework that includes design guidelines, a component library and a javascript library for Google marketing sites. The framework and components can be combined to build product marketing, brand communications, and initiative sites.

The system provides teams with user-tested, responsive, accessible, and secure components that make Google marketing efforts more efficient, fast, and focused. As an important aspect of Google’s brand identity, its purpose is to unify experiences across Google marketing and to build user confidence and trust.

In order to show the design pattern and components in context we designed an example website for a fictitious shoe product from Google - Google Sole.

Project Lead

As a Creative Lead on Google Brand Studio I pitched the Web Standards project to marketing leadership and stakeholders. The previous templating system in use had been dated and needed a refresh to align with Google Material and the company-wide Material refresh.

I built a team of information architects, researchers, developers, designers and writers and let the work from conception up to the draft stage of the documentation and the code library (I left the team in 2016 to join Google Play Instant and the instant apps effort).

Used by all google websites

The new Google Marketing Web Standard in now part of Google's internal brand guidelines and is being adopted by all of Google's major marketing properties on the web. Functioning as the website counterpart to what Material Design is for products it is key in creating a unified look for our brand on the web.