Google Store – COncept and Implementation

The Google Store represented the first time we created a dedicated destination for all of Google's hardware, from Android, to Chromecast to Nest devices. Prior, some devices were sold in the Play Store (under the devices tab), using page templates built for apps, rather than for hardware hardware, making for a very rocky user experience.

Since it's launch Google has grown the hardware effort and the Store has now become our flagship destination for sales of Pixel devices, Google Home, Pixelbooks, Daydream, etc.

From concept to implementation

Brand Studio had been asked to create concepts for a new hardware store for Google. I was part of the initial brainstorms, concept design sprints and presented our early proposal to the VP for Marketing.

I created early wireframes and partnered with an outside agency to create a 200 page UX guide, detailing the user experience of the Store to a point where we could start moving into visual design.

I worked closely with the visual design team to bring the experience to life. We then partnered with an engineering team from Google Play on the implementation of the store.

42% sales increase

The new Google Store launched in 25 markets with over 40 devices on offer. Customer satisfaction increased to almost 70% (June 2015, nearly ~50% very satisfied), sales saw an increase of +42% (over Google Play Devices) and was mentioned at an all-hands by Sundar as an example for product excellence.

Webby Award

The Google Store received a Webby Award in 2016 in the People's Voice category for Consumer Electronics.